About Biometric Wallets

What is the biometric wallet? The wallet is a secure handheld electronic device with a visual color touchscreen, a full operational menu, simple user buttons. It has a biometrically protected identification section that replaces the paper driver’s license and passports with biometric secure Id, this legate’s misuse of the device since the device is linked to you exclusively via fingerprint and or other available biometric means.

Next, there is a health section where a doctor can link in your lifetime health history and medications. In the case of medical emergency authorized personnel can quickly access your medical emergency information at a glance.

The biometric wallet has a banking section where you will actually control all your own finances. Just like you’re writing a check you will be able to approve your own banking and credit card transactions. It will be like you’re buying a gift card that you have approved with your biometric signature. This all through the protection of the multi-layered biometric security network. Transferring money between individuals or purchase is as simple as giving the receiver the authorization code that you approved for the exact amount of money.

In case you miss place or lose your device the GPS global tracking network makes it easy to retrieve. This biometric wallet device will be offered as a standalone unit or as a snap-on backpack to your cell phone in near future. This overview and video highlights just some of the quick access and abilities of the biometric wallet you would use.

About theInventor

Our founder, Joseph Gangi, was born in the mid-1950s in the Midwest United States. At the time, today’s technology was in its infancy. Ever curious, he investigated and took apart what he had access to, such as phones, toasters, and radios. This was the beginning of his love of intrigue and electronics.

Over the years, Joseph's professional career has included carpentry, professional construction and architecture, telecommunications, and the merchant services industry. He spent most of his career in the telecommunications industry. In the 1980s, he developed a mode of communications that involved border cities on the Texas border. He moved into the long-distance and data industry with a major corporation and developed intricate data communications for various national clients. It was during this time that the September 11, 2001 attacks happened. At that moment, Joseph was talking with a client at the World Trade Center and heard firsthand the horror that was unfolding on that terrible day. Afterwards, he was determined to find a way to fight it.

A victim of corporate greed, he and his wife lost their jobs, along with 22,000 of his coworkers. He lost his 401k, savings, and his financial means. This event lead to his involvement with the merchant service industry. This would prove to be an omen, as it was here that he would find a key element of his invention, the Biometric Wallet. Research and development took him more than 10 years, and in 2012, he filed his patent, which was granted in the summer of 2015. Today, he has elected to take the invention into production and manufacturing to finally fulfill that heartfelt desire for a safer world.

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